Porcelain Cameo Jewelry and Decorated Porcelain Items

These small porcelain items are all the work of Carolyn Jones.  Many are made by pouring porcelain slip into a small molds (Vogue Molds).  They are cleaned, fired and painted in the same way as porcelain dolls.  Necklaces are Carolyn's own designs.  Each item is finished by hand.  Click on photos to see larger picture.  Please contact Carolyn  (brypatch@berrypatchdolls.com) to check on current inventory, place an order or find out how to pay by credit card.  Berry Patch Dolls only ships to addresses in the United States.

Powder Boxes

Hand painted, one of a kind, two piece porcelain boxes.  They make very nice jewelry boxes.  Each one is different.  They are called powder boxes because they are about the size of a box of loose face powder: 2 1/2 inches high, 5 inches in diameter.  $37.50 each plus shipping.

Itty Bitty, bean bag baby - 9 inches long - $35  This is a Berry Patch Dolls original and is available in pink or blue, with blonde or brown hair.

Necklaces and Pins

Necklaces are from 18 to 22 inches long, strung on satin ribbon.  All have barrel clasps  Some are backed with various filigree designs and others with a porcelain frame.  Each one is one of a kind.  Cameos are cats, fairies, traditional lady faces, flowers and butterflies.  Colors are black, blue, teal, rust, pink, lavender and red.   Pins come in the same colors and designs.  Selections are constantly changing and jewelry photos are examples.  For photos of available pins and necklaces please contact Carolyn and let her know the color and type of cameo you are interested in.

Necklaces with filigree: $20 each + $5 shipping

Necklaces with porcelain frame: $18 each + $5 shipping

Pins: $10 each + $5 shipping

Victorian Bust

One of a kind Victorian bust made from one of Carolyn's original sculptures.  $75 plus shipping.