Portrait Dolls from Berry Patch Dolls

What could be more perfect than a doll sculpted to look like the favorite child in your life.

Cost: $1600 for first doll, $600 for additional dolls of the same size, from the same sculpture (this price does not include shipping charges)

Payment Terms: 25% down, remainder due at completion of doll.

To begin work Berry Patch Dolls will need:

Three (3) close-up photos of person to be sculpted. One full face, one left profile, one right profile. Please be sure subject holds the same facial expression for all three photos.

Down payment of 25%.

Signed Contract for Art Work. 

Eye color, hair color and style and costume design information will be required as work progresses.

Time frame for completion: Completion of doll will take about three months from the date when sculpting begins. Sculpting will begin as soon as appropriate photos, down payment and signed contract are received.

You will receive (following based on the subject being a child):

One 25 inch (standing height) doll, made in your choice of a sitting or standing position and dressed in your choice of a costume.

Doll will have a porcelain head, shoulder plate, half arms and 3/4 legs (standing) or 1/2 legs (sitting). Torso will be cloth with a wire armature. Sitting dolls will be weighted with pellets to retain sitting position.

Doll eyes will be blown glass, wig will be synthetic. Clothing will consist of a dress, slip panties, socks and shoes for a girl doll. For a boy doll it will consist of slacks, shirt, underwear, socks and shoes. Fabric will be cotton or cotton blend. Variations in wig and costume material are available at extra cost.

Doll will be signed and dated by the artist. The name of subject and the year will be etched into the shoulder plate.

Adult lady dolls can also be made. Cost may be slightly higher depending upon costuming and finished doll will be about 24 inches tall.  Doll will have full porcelain breastplate, 3/4 porcelain arms and 1/2 porcelain legs.  Shoes will be molded to feet.

To get started please contact Carolyn Jones.